@busenhans shows you his Monster Boobs Doll

@busenhans recently contacted me to tell me that he was thanking me for posting pictures of my YL Doll 150cm O Cup (Olga) and Tootsie’s.

He already had the WM Dolls 170cm M Cup and is therefore a Huge breast lover. He particularly loves to put his head between his two huge boobs.

He was quickly convinced that he had to buy a YL DOll 150cm O Cup. I’ll let him tell you the rest.

When I saw the Pics from Tootsie of the YL 150cm O Cup on YOUR site i was hooked. ( Tootsie’s YL DOLL 150cm Huge Boobs ). Dolls France came with the #124 Head Pics and my decision was clear. (not quite, i waved between #124 and #142 olga)

RS-Dolls Germany offered Brenda for 1498€ -and i ordered her in the Cheyenne Version with normal skin tone instead of light Tan.

A Month later the Box arrived. The first thing i noticed when i touched her Breast-Wow, twice as soft as my WM 170cm M Cup. The lovely Face with blue Eyes look fantastic. The Bodyjoints make almost no sound.

I put her naked with Head and Wig on the Scale and it came to 37kg.  So it´s the best thing i spent my Money on!

I sleep much better now. I like the TPE looks more real than Silicone.-

Thank You YL!!!


I believe the O cup Breast are the only ones that make Waves in themselves due to the Huuuuge size.

The Hands are good wired and the great Toe is also wired-i like that.

I added some white colour with Edding 751 paintmarker to the Teeth.

The Wig is good despite the long Hair.

So She is a Dreamdoll come true and makes me smile everyday!

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