YL Doll New Biggest Ass Torso

Do you like fat asses? Well, I’ve got a mega maxi for you.

The brand new YL Doll torso with the world’s biggest ass is on sale very soon! and when I say the biggest ass, I mean a circumference of 146cm – 57.5in.

So like those who generally like big asses, like big breasts, YL Doll had the good idea to add her a pair of huge boobs with an upper bust at 114cm – 44.9in and under bust at 68cm – 26.8in  (M or N Cup size).

Anyway, you will be able to get an idea, since I put you a huge photo gallery (also) of more than 80 Photos!…. and I have more to come.


All YL Doll New Biggest Butt Torso specifications

  • Height: 92cm – 36.2in
  • Shoulder: 34cm – 13.4in
  • Upper bust: 114cm – 44.9in
  • Under bust: 68cm – 26.8in
  • Waist: 61cm – 24in
  • Hip: 146cm – 57.5in
  • Thigh: 82cm – 32.3in
  • Weight with head: 51kg – 112.4lbs
  • Weight without head: 49kg – 108lbs



YL Doll 92cm (3ft) Curviest Love Doll Torso with Huge Hips on SRSD – $1649




9 thoughts on “YL Doll New Biggest Ass Torso

  1. Beautiful, a doll like that with this time arms and legs would be really perfect.
    It’s really cool that there are generously shaped dolls on the market, really cool !!!


  2. I initially thought this was the YL-146, but it looks like this torso has larger, sexier measurements.

    I would absolutely love to purchase this doll in full form, regardless of the weight.


  3. I love this doll, I just wish she had arms! No legs is fine, helps with weight displacement. But absolutely need arms. I would buy instantly!


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