Huge Boobs For Angie

This is Angie’s very first time on the RDA blog. And what a first!

She comes to us with a sublime cleavage and high heels… I love it!

Angie is a Passion Dolls 170cm / 5ft6 with huge breasts and a nice rounded ass. She has a very thin waist, which gives her an even more desirable shape. Given her size, she has long legs.
Angie’s face is slightly Asian, but with a softness that makes it extremely sexy.

Angie – Type A – 170cm Specifications

  • Height: 170cm – 5ft6
  • Bust: 100cm – 39.4in
  • Wais : 56cm- 22in
  • Hips: 98cm – 38.6in
  • Weight: 43kg  – 94.8lbs


1531098838727_angie (1)

Angie – Type A – 170cm Beautiful Natural Busty Love Doll From Special Price (with RDA100X code) : $1,895.95

Promo code is: RDA100X



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