NEW Melissa Loves World Cup Football

An today this is the final of the  2018 World Cup Football in Russia!

Melissa is a CLIMAX 135cm / 4ft5 M Cup Doll. She’s a Fat Fan of Soccer (football)!!

And for the Final, she decided to support her favorite team…France or Croatia, i don’t know, and i don’t care.
Everything about her is big and I think a lot of you like exaggerated shapes.

This woman is small, but she wants some. Her problem is finding clothes that fit her size to cover her huge breasts and fat ass.


The Climax Doll 135Cm / 4ft5 M Cup

  • Height: 135cm – 4ft5
  • Bust:  112cm – 44in
  • Under-bust: 69cm – 27.2in
  • M Cup
  • Waist: 60cm – 23.6in
  • Hips: 127cm – 50in
  • Weight: 50kg – 110lbs



Climax Doll House Play-Huge Tits Small Doll 135cm 4ft5 M-cup Melissa




5 thoughts on “NEW Melissa Loves World Cup Football

  1. Beautiful design, love how curvy and detailed she is. Seriously beautiful. if I had more room would get one. I hope Climaxdoll keeps making good designs, sorry your 100cm dolls were badly designed and very ugly.


  2. This is a great design for us curvy doll lovers, just wish she was a bit taller. But I understand the weight constraints. Again beautiful doll!


  3. Since they finally sell a doll with a weight of 70kg, the *could* make a taller version of this one around that weight, the ~40kg rule seems kinda dated for the market


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