JYDoll 140cm Huge Breast Doll

Is it the perfect doll?… This is the New 140cm/5ft6 body from JY Doll with great specifications.

She is very light (22.3kg –  49.16 lbs.), she has a chest of madness, and she is beautiful with her white skin. She looks like a magic fairy.
JY Doll probably did a great model. Then looking at the quality, and given the price, I think she’s going to be a big success.
Personally, I don’t like big nipples, but it must be possible to order it without that…

I thank Micofm for telling me about her.



Specifications: 140cm/4ft6 Plus huge breast New Body

  • Bust: 92cm – 36.2in
  • Under Bust: 34cm – 13.4in
  • O Cup (?)
  • Waist: 32cm – 12.6in
  • Hip: 67cm – 26.4in
  • Weight: 22.3kg –  49.16 lbs.


140cm (4ft7′) Huge Chest Sex Doll 2018 with tiny waist- Amber


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