Video of SY Doll Huge Boobs L Cup

Big breasts, thin waist, a good little ass and a contained weight, these are all the ingredients to make a pretty doll.

Well SY Doll may have achieved this with its 167cm – 5ft6 L cup model.
His measurements are: L Cup (102cm – 40.1 inches), 53cm- 20.9 inches at the waist and 89cm- 35 inches hip circumference and only 38kg – 83.8lbs.

You will be able to judge the quality of the model presented thanks to a new video, and this new series of photos with the face #98

SY Doll 167 cm – 5ft6 L Cup

  • Bust: 102cm – 40.1in
  • Waist: 53cm – 20.9in
  • Hip: 89cm – 35in
  • Weight: 38kg – 83.8lbs



Khloe – 167 cm | 5′ 6″ – L Cup


3 thoughts on “Video of SY Doll Huge Boobs L Cup

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