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Huger Boobs for Sophia

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Sophia is one of the stars of my blog: Sophia is the huge boobs lady of Michael, Huge Boobs Sophia is back

And @Michael, her companion, has decided to make some small changes to enjoy life with her even more.

Sophia was an YL Doll 150cm O Cup, but now she has some huger boobs…

Sophia is back after her breast enlargement. I have filled the hollow breast’s with polyacryl fiber flaces, these are also used to fill pillows.
The breast remain soft and jiggly.
Now enjoy the pictures.


  • Height:    150cm
  • Full Bust: 132cm/52“
  • Waist:         55cm/21.6“
  • Hips:            90cm/35.4“
  • Weight:        38.6kg after  enlargement
  • Weight:        37.8kg  before enlargement

The circumference each breast grows from 60cm/23.6“ (factory) to 73cm/28.7“ after the enlargement.



YL 150cm (4ft 11in) O Cup Sex Doll Body


      • Sweet, i get the procedure. Seems rather straight forward. you are a genius by the way 😀 One question though. Where did you buy the flakes?

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