Chubby WM Dolls 163cm H Cup

Ohhh Yesss…

And here’s a new series of pictures of the chubby doll star: The WM Dolls 163cm H Cup is a star on internet, here with the #195 head (like WM Dolls 163cm H cup new body with #195 head, but not with the same wig).

I leave you in the company of this sublime coppery brown who does us the honor of a strip tease in swimsuit…


It is probably the best known and most appreciated given the number of links and photos exchanged. More known under the pseudonym of Shakira (WM Dolls 163cm H Cup New pics and Video), this beautiful WM Dolls makes many envious. She’s got what it takes, let’s face it.

  • Height: 163cm- 5ft4
  • H cup
  • Bust: 96cm – 37.8in
  • Waist: 67cm – 26.4in
  • Hips: 110cm – 43.3in
  • Weight: 48.5kg – 106.9lbs



163cm (5ft4′) H-Cup Sex Doll with Huge Ass – Nicki


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