WM Dolls M Cup Torso Doll with #198 head

This is new pics series of the WM Dolls 87cm/34.2inches M Cup Torso Doll with #198 head

You can see her monster tits (102cm – 40.15inches) on these beautiful, very artistic pictures: black and white, sepia treatment.


Everything is there to dream of this sumptuous body. I really like this concept of torso based on a doll like the 170cm/5ft7 M Cup (Two heads for one Huge Boobs body)

Her measurements are:

  • Bust:102cm – 40.15inches
  • Waist: 62cm – 24.4inches
  • Hips:109cm- 42.9 inches
  • Weight:31kg – 68.34lbs


87cm (2ft10′) Huge Ass Mini Sex Doll Torso

7 thoughts on “WM Dolls M Cup Torso Doll with #198 head

  1. great doll, well designed. But seriously some of these faces creep me out. It looks like its from a horror film. The sinister smile, I wouldnt want that sleeping next to me. WM needs to find better face suggestions


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