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Aiko Doll 63cm

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Introducing all new for 2018 Aiko 63cm/25inches Doll.
Three years of doll making experience went into producing this new model doll. Aiko 63cm/25inches is a fully articulated silicone anatomically correct doll, designed sculpted and manufactured in California USA.

All the experience from making our last two doll, learning and customer feed back went into Aiko 63cm/25inches.

20180113_104803New in Aiko 63cm/25inches is a larger and stronger AI Frame (skeleton), fuller thicker body, new marshmellow soft skin, new smooth skin mold with improved mold lines for a fine line doll. Thicker body, deeper, textured and more flexible inside cavity.

Aiko 63cm/25inches is made for play, designed to make play more comfortable, easy and worry free. The AI Frame (skeleton) and new marshmellow skin is designed to stretch and flex during play.

Here are some videos links. This is the link to videos of Aiko 63cm on company’s site

Here is a link to videos off site adult videos and pics showing Aikos abilities.

Aiko 63cm/25inches Measurements

  • Weight Body with no Head 4 lbs 11 oz
  • Weight Body with Head 5 lbs 3 oz
  • Eyes 16mm
  • Height 63cm approx 25 inches
  • Head Circumference about 23cm
  • Wig Size 7-8
  • Neck Circumference 12 cm
  • Chest Circumference 33 cm
  • Breast Dia 17 cm
  • Shoulder Width 13 cm
  • Circumference of waist 22 cm
  • Circumference of Hip 32 cm
  • Arm Length to waist 17 cm
  • Leg Length from inside crotch 31 cm
  • Thigh Circumference 19 cm
  • Feet Length 7.5 cm
  • Ankle 7 cm
  • Shoulder to Waist 13 cm
  • Shoulder to Bottom of Feet 52 cm
  • Shoulder to Crotch 22 cm
  • Shoulder to Knee 34 cm
  • Shoulder to top of Head 12 cm
  • Wrist to Finger Tips 6 cm
  • Breast Outside left to right 11 cm


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