Fat Doll in the bath

The fat doll is the WM Dolls 163cm/5ft4 H cup new body with #198 head.

This sexdoll is very hot with her large hips and big butt. She needs to cool down in her bath.


But in this series, you will see that the water won’t calm her down… and she will even caress herself in front of the photographer.
What’s great for us is that we can enjoy the view of her well-rounded ass.

  • Height: 163cm- 5ft4
  • H cup
  • Bust: 96cm – 37.8in
  • Waist: 67cm – 26.4in
  • Hips: 110cm – 43.3in
  • Weight: 48.5kg – 106.9lbs




14 thoughts on “Fat Doll in the bath

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  2. You guys know why this one looks a bit thicker than the other WM 163cm H cup dolls? I thought that description was generic for that body. If there’s a difference, I’ll take this “fat” one. It’s the best looking that I’ve seen.


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