RDA Best Doll Award 2017 – Results


First of all I would like to thank you for your votes, more than 1000 in the categories in this new 2107 Best Doll Awards. Last Year, we celebrated the victory of the “CLM 160” in RDA Best Doll Awards 2016

For the first time, there are three winners: “Huge Boobs”, “Big Boobs” and “Medium and Small boobs”.

I let you discover them below… And The Winners are…

Huge boobs : YL Doll 160cm M Cup


Big Boobs: WM Dolls 170cm H Cup



Medium And Small Boobs: YL Doll 148cm D Cup


Results of the RDA Best Dolls Awards 2017 in detail

Huge Boobs

YL Doll 160cm M Cup 128 27%
Passion Dolls 158cm Leanne 89 19%
WM Dolls 170cm M Cup 70 15%
YL Doll 150cm O Cup 58 12%
Sanhui 165cm/5ft4 R Cup 57 12%
Piper Doll 160cm L cup 27 6%
6Ye 165cm N Cup 24 5%
WM Dolls 148cm (4ft10′) L-Cup 14 3%

Big Boobs

WM Dolls 170cm H Cup 81 26%
Climax Doll 155cm K Cup 63 20%
Z OneDoll 158cm J Cup 46 15%
JY Doll 153cm 26 8%
Climax Doll 160cm JJ Cup 24 8%
JY Doll 170cm/5ft7 H Cup 19 6%
Z OneDoll 151cm I Cup 18 6%
6Ye 165cm F cup 16 5%
OR Doll 160cm H Cup 9 3%
SiliDoll Suriwaai 145cm 6 2%
JY Doll 162cm H cup 6 2%

Medium and Small Boobs

YL Doll 148cm D Cup 82 35%
YL Doll 165cm E (FF) Cup 50 21%
WM Dolls 168cm E Cup 46 19%
WM Dolls 157cm B Cup 33 14%
WM Dolls 150cm B cup 9 4%
WM Dolls 168cm A cup 8 3%
6Ye 150cm B Cup 6 3%
DH168 168cm A cup 3 1%

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