Piper Miyuki has huge boobs


Miyuki is a 5ft3 Piper Doll from Doll4Ever with huge L Cup Tits. She has large hips and tight waist with a nice chest for a low weight.

I’ve added below a video with a large photo gallery, to help you get to know her better.
I await your comments and reviews for those who decide to bring her home.

  • Material : Platinum TPE
  • Height : 160 cm – 5ft3
  • Net Weight : 31.5 kg – 68.3lbs
  • Bust : 85 cm – 33.5 inch
  • Under Bust : 50cm – 18.9 inch
  • Waist : 50 cm – 17 inch
  • Hips : 82 cm – 32.3 inch



155cm (5ft1″) E-Cup Sex Doll Gilly





7 thoughts on “Piper Miyuki has huge boobs

  1. Man this doll is absolutely perfect….this is my fantasy body type small frame with big breast and booty. I give the beautiful sexy doll 10 out of 10 lmao. I’ll have her soon, my dream doll is now a reality


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