Michele, 160cm Muscle Fitness Body Doll


This is the 5ft3 muscle body doll from PassionDolls.com.

You could see the first photos of the prototype: More photos of the muscle doll from PassionDolls.Com and Exclusive Photos of the Muscle Doll from Passion Dolls

Some of you didn’t like it, but many of you really loved it and asked me several times when PassionDolls would produce it. Well, it’s done!
You will find below the first photos and its measurements. I think it’s a bit heavy, but you have to do it with all your muscles!

  • Bust: 101cm / 39.76in
  • Waist: 60cm / 23.62in
  • Hip: 110cm / 43.3in
  • Weight: 51kg/ 112.43lbs
  • Height: 160cm  – 5’3″

1511064771323_aa-michelle-b (1)

Michele – Type B – 160cm Muscle Fitness Body Doll

PassionDolls.com Special Price: $1,889.95

And if you’re interested in and want to buy one, just enter the special RDA Promo Code in the coupon section and click the [+] button. You will get 100$ offIf it is a TPE You will get $100 off plus 3 free wigs.  Doll must be $1000 or more for it to work

Promo code is: RDA100X


5 thoughts on “Michele, 160cm Muscle Fitness Body Doll

  1. I have to say after careful consideration and actually seeing a complete version of this doll it’s actually grown on me….I love the curves and the nice size breast and that ass oh my God. This legs 😆😆😆😆 I give her a 5


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