New #195 Head from WM Dolls


This #195 head is a whole new face created by WM Dolls. They choose the WM 156cm/5ft1 B cup body to show it for the first time.

This smiling American head with blond wig is beautiful. I think I’d pick it out with my next doll. I love light dimples.
Honestly, I wish he would have presented it with the 170cm M Cup.

Give me your opinion on this new face and if you order it, send me your photos and videos.


156cm (5ft1′) Big Booty Love Doll Lindsay


6 thoughts on “New #195 Head from WM Dolls

  1. Absolutely a wonderful looking doll….I’m loving the cruves wish the breast could be a cup size bigger but overall I give the doll a 4.5

    • I agree keith. The curves on this doll is fantastic. That lower body is well proportioned and fit. I also agree I wish the breasts were bigger. Similar to the YL 160.

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  4. Looks like the butt itself needs to be a little more plump. She got the think legs that I’m so loving but it looks as if her booty needs to be a little thicker

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