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New SY Doll Tallest Huge Boobs Doll

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logo-1SY Doll is a new chinese factory, established in 2015, which offers some good dolls (heights from 100cm/3ft2 to 176cm/5ft8). I did not test yet, and i need your feedback on.

They produced a great 176cm/5ft8 Huge Boobs doll, pictured below with head #98. This is the tallest doll i’ve ever seen.

They sent me some good gifs, pics and a video to help you make your opinion and your choice!!

{UPDATE} BLACK FRIDAY: they send you one head FREE for 10 pics  or vids of this doll. Don’t forget to send its to me with your review!!

If you want to buy one, you have to contact them with the contact form ( ), you’ll get a good price and just add the code 2017116 to get an extra wig with this doll.

Black Friday.jpg


Her measurement are:

  • Bust: 98cm – 38.5in
  • Waist: 55cm – 21.6in
  • Hip: 106cm – 41.7in
  • Shoulder: 35cm – 13.8in
  • Hand length: 73cm – 28.7
  • Leg length: 115cm – 45.3in
  • Foot girth: 20cm – 7.9In
  • Neck: 29cm – 11.4in
  • Weight: 52kg – 114.6lbs


SY 176cm super model with head 98

176 breast

breast 1



Unboxing Video




  1. I would not support this mfer if I were you RDA, they copy bodies and heads from WM. You should not support crap TPE mfers.

  2. I love this body and it’s on my list but aside from the vendor promo pics the other pics I have seen don’t look anywhere near as good from several different reviewers. I am hopeful though and it will likely be the last doll I get as the year ends.

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