Climax Doll new 3ft3″ S and L bodies

100SM1Y+100LM1S Una Kaine (17)

After the new Climax Doll 100cm/3ft3″ Plus Una Kaine the Little Huge Boobies, the factory released two new models with the same height but smaller Cup Size: E cup for the 100cm S (small breast) and H Cup for the 100cm L (large breast).

This will be all the easier to recognize the bodies on photos and video just below.

I added a comparative table of all the measurements, to help you…

 100cm/3ft3″ S L Plus
Upper chest 55cm – 21.6in 68cm – 26.8in 106cm – 41.7in
Under chest 40cm – 15.7in 40cm – 15.7in 62,5cm – 24.4in
Waist 39cm – 15.3in 44cm – 17.3in 63,5cm – 24.8in
Hip 57cm – 22.4in 59cm – 23.2in 71cm – 28in
Shoulder 22cm – 8.7in 24cm – 9.4in 24,5cm – 9.5in
Leg length 46cm – 18.1in 46cm – 18.1in 60cm – 23.6in
Thigh 34cm -13.4in 34cm-13.4in 39,5cm – 15.35in
Hand length 41cm – 16.14in 42cm – 16.5in 44cm – 17.3in
Depth of vagina 17cm – 6.7in 17cm – 6.7in 18cm – 7in
Depth of anus 15cm – 5.9in 15cm – 5.9in 16cm – 6.3in
Depth of mouth 16cm- 6.3in 16cm- 6.3in 16cm- 6.3in
Sole 15cm – 5.9in 15cm- 5.9in 16cm- 6.3in
Weight 12,5cm – 4.7in 13cm – 5.1 23cm – 9in



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