Una Kaine the Little Huge Boobies

100PlusM1Y Una Kaine (22)

Una Kaine is the new body from Climax Doll. Her measurements are incredible.

This new 3/5 scale (3.3ft / 100cm) super-busty love doll, Una Kaine! Her measurements are:

  • Breasts: 41.7inches ! (106cm),
  • Waist: 24.8inches (63.5cm),
  • Hips: 27.9inches (71cm).

That’s right: Her bustline is greater than her height!



All specifications are:

  • Height(no head) 91cm – 35.8in
  • Upper chest: 106cm – 41.7in
  • Under chest: 62,5cm – 24.4in
  • Waist: 63,5cm – 24.8in
  • Hip: 71cm – 27.9in
  • Shoulder: 24,5cm – 9.5in
  • Leg length: 60cm – 23.6in
  • Thigh: 39,5cm – 15.3in
  • Hand length: 44cm – 17.3in
  • Depth of vagina: 18cm – 7in
  • Depth of anus: 16cm – 6.3in
  • Depth of mouth: 16cm – 6.3in
  • Weight: 23Kg – 50.7lbs



100cm (3ft3′) Mini Love Doll with Massive Boobs BBW – $1,300 on SexyRealSexDolls.com


8 thoughts on “Una Kaine the Little Huge Boobies

  1. Great job on tracking down Una’s complete measurements! I reposted them (giving you credit) in the conversation about this doll at http://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=382&t=90145&start=45

    Real Doll Addict, do you think we might see a full-sized (roughly 150cm) version of Una in the future, as so many people are requesting? What a stunning body this woman has. She’s got the most amazing curves I’ve ever seen on any doll. Whoever designed her is a genius.

    To answer Leon’s question, Climax-Doll.com has her listed at $699. The way I see it, that’s $349.50 per boob, and the rest of her is free! 🙂


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