My YouTube account has been terminated

That’s it!. You Tube decided to close my account. I received two messages from them. And after three years, I lose all the videos shown on this blog!

I’m so sorry for you my readers and with your help, I will try to find them and redistribute them in the posts…

If you have some good plan for me…

18 thoughts on “My YouTube account has been terminated

  1. Every Ending is a new beginning brother. We’ll help get you back on track by some better means. Its time to start up your own full-scale website with all this great material. You are at the forefront of the latest development in this area my friend and I will help in every way I can.


  2. Its seems like youtube and facebook has been doing a big crack down on things like this and nudity. Like they say in the news they are cracking down on violence and hate speech online but its seems that they are targeting folks like us.


  3. You do an excellent job with this website without needing video. The photos and commentary are enough. 🙂

    You don’t need YouTube to keep a finger on the pulse of the doll hobby!


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  5. So many people are using gifs as equivalents to videos. The file size is much smaller, but you still get the dynamics of moving visuals. Have you considered using them instead? There are a number of great, free gif animation websites out there. Simply upload the images you want, set a preferred the frame rate, and you get an animated gif.

    I’ve created some myself using those sites. They’re intuitive, fast, free, and gifs would fit right in on your blog. May be worth a try.


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