Climax Doll Darcy


Darcy is the Climax Doll whole new body, with a height of 155cm / 5’1 and a big ass (hips: 107cm / 42.1 inches). A 5ft1 tall doll as Amanda, Gloria, but with a K Cup!

She’s a fat Milf. And her guy can not resist when she decide to seduce him.

She can have all she wants. 3 new vids and big pics gallery below!


Her full specifications are:

  • Height: 155cm – 5ft1
  • Upper chest: 102cm – 40.2in
  • Under chest: 64cm – 25.2in
  • Waist: 60,5cm – 23.8in
  • Hip: 107cm – 42.1in
  • Shoulder: 37cm – 14.6in
  • Leg length: 81cm – 31.9in
  • Thigh: 56,5cm – 22.2in
  • Arm length: 59cm – 23.2
  • Depth of vagina: 22cm – 8.7in
  • Depth of anus: 20cm – 7.9in
  • Depth of mouth: 18cm – 7in
  • Weight: 43kg – 94.8lbs


155cm (5ft1′) Huge BBW Fat Doll Darcy on






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