The Tootsie’s Chocolate Bunnies


Tootsie loves chocolate.. but he loves Huge boobs and big ass too!

And this lucky man received two great babes… the YL Doll 150cm Huge boobs and the 160 cm big Ass.

Hi YL fans,

Do I have a special treat for you! I had a feeling the YL 150 and 160 were most impressive if they were ebony dolls and boy was I right! The new “Imani” head is jaw dropping beautiful so that plus the “cocoa” skin color and well you will see the results!

I never thought a white boy like me could snuggle in the middle of the 2 HOTTEST ebony ladies in the world!

Well this is reality I tell you! I now have 2 fine black girlfriends who treat me like a KING.

Thank you YL for making these beautiful girls for which I will treat them like Queens.

I introduce you to Skyy (150cm) and Chanel (160cm). They are masterpieces!


Buy your Nyomi 5 ‘3ft (160cm) on Doll4Play

The TDF Thread:

9 thoughts on “The Tootsie’s Chocolate Bunnies

  1. This is a great shoot, love the two images of the dolls laying together all oiled up. Just beautiful! I like how they are standing next to each other, would love to see a bikini shoot.


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