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Help me improve RDA blog!

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I’ve been working on this blog for 3 years (April 2014), and I think now I have to make some changes. I have written over 1,400 messages and you have exceeded 600,000 visitors to make more than 8 million views.

Many of you have helped me with their testimonials, comments, photos and videos and I wanted to make these changes with you.

If you want to help me in this task, thank you for your suggestions on what you like about this blog and you want to keep it and develop it. Thank you also for suggesting all that is missing and you want to see in this blog

Have great day!


  1. Congratulations on the three year mark. I really enjoy your articles about the latest on the love dolls. One thing to improve would probably be adding more doll porn to it.

  2. your blog is a kinf of internet treasure. I agree with the “more porn” post. thanks a lot for your work

  3. Let me add my congratulations to you too 😀
    I discovered this blog only a few weeks ago, and since then I come everyday to check the new dolls, they are so lovely, cute and sexy !!! 🙂

    Thank you LDA 😉

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