DollLover27 – High Cut Brazil style bikini – Part4

DSC_0006 (1)
This is another series of DollLover27 with his LeAnne from
Just a taste of what’s to come for the retro bikini set.

You all probably thought it was a thong bikini bottom due to the thin side hugging her sexy hips.
This fellas is a very narrow, very high cut Brazil style bikini bottom from the 90s era. One of my favorites!
I would say it complements her figure perfectly wouldn’t you?


1483550173059_158cmexclusive-blond Special Price: $1,855.95

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5 thoughts on “DollLover27 – High Cut Brazil style bikini – Part4

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  4. I love the body, I would love the body even more if there was an option to make the boobs smaller, preferably one cup size smaller than the current size. If that was available for this body, that would be awesome.

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