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Roadside28 ‘s Monster Review of HUGE boobs LeAnne

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I want to thank him for his excellent review, vids and pics. He’s a fantastic guy and he wants to share his passion for his Big breasted baby.

I picked some content from TDF and his Vimeo Channel. Follow him if you want to get more info on LeAnne.


1483550173059_158cmexclusive-blond Special Price: $1,855.95

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Product details:

Body: 158cm OMG bombshell LeAnne with tan skin tone
Vagina option: Removable
Feet Option: Standing feet
Pubic hair: None
Fingernail Style: Pink
Fingernail color: light pink (“J” on the website’s customization page)
Head: Default LeAnne head

So let’s address the elephant in my room right now, and by elephant I mean this gorgeous busy doll. She’s very heavy, very heavy. That’s one thing you will notice right away. It’s a two person job hauling her box in. The Fedex gent that dropped her off was nice enough to help me haul her into my home. After he left, I locked the doors, and pushed the box into my bedroom to unveil the magic. And oh boy was it magical!


Opening the box I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was like “No Way!” I mean yes there are measurements out there, and people have taking photos of her, but they don’t do her justice. She is huge!!! And her tits are massive! They are bigger than her head! And probably as big if not bigger than the average person’s head. It’s great. That old saying “camera adds ten poursz_imag0571nds,” in her case it’s the opposite. I would say images of her make her look smaller, when that is absolutely not the case!

It’s a bit tedious getting her out of her box. She made a temp home there, and can be a bit stubborn getting out. But if you take your time, remove most of the packaging from her legs and feet, you can tip her on her feet (if you have the standing option), and then waddle her out of the box. This did take a bit of time for me, but it was mostly due to getting distracted by her ample curvy body! ;)

Quick pic here to break up the text to image ration


Feel 9/10: She feels amazing! Super soft and smooth.
Boobs 21 out of 10: Well her boobs are amazing that’s all I can really say, and that isn’t really doing them justice. They are damn near perfect! They are fun to squeeze, jiggle, play with, and yes, Fuck! ;) One of the main reasons I purchased this doll was for the chest. I’ve purchased a few breast toys over the last couple years. Some of them have been okay, but that’s the best review I can give on them, just okay. Now this doll, my god is titty fucking amazing. Imagine having heaven wrapped around your member. I’ve had a few g/f’s over the years that have had ample chests. And it was fun to do the deed with them, but doing this act with LeAnne is like tit fucking your favorite big boob pornstar. And Not your standard run of the mill double D cup pornstar either. Were talking about Amy Anderssen, Penelope Black Diamond, and Penelope Pumpkin levels! It’s amazing. Her breasts are firm, but soft. They jiggle and squeeze together perfectly. And if you are going to tit fuck her, get ready to loose your dude in there a few times. Her breasts swallow you whole! It’s quite the feeling.

Looks like I can’t post more than 10 images in a post. So I will add more later. I have a lot of good ones. ;)

Ass 8/10: This may go up more, it depends on how much the butt pops back out. However it is still incredibly huge! It doesn’t have the jiggle I wanted, but again this may be due to the shipping process. Passiondolls did inform us in another post that due to the weight, and shipping process, the butt may be a little flat when it first arrives, however it should with time, pop back out and capture it’s jiggle magic again. But it terms of shape and feel. The ass is extremely firm, and fun to play with and spank. If you are getting this just for the ass, you won’t be disappointed. It’s hard not to turn her around, and just admire the bump she is rocking with. Also doggy style is a fun adventure with this bottom. ;) But I do have to say this, if you were expecting a super jiggly ass, I don’t think this is the doll for you, if I’m being honest. I hope the ass recaptures it’s movement. I can update this section down the road to confirm with you, while the ass looks phenomenal, and amazing! It is lacking a bit in movement. Fingers crossed that our gal gets her wiggle back.


Legs 9/10: Not much to say here, this is my first doll, but I have heard from other reviews about people purchasing other dolls, that most dolls have stick for legs. This is not the case with her. Oh man no way. She has meaty legs! They complement her bottom very well. She seriously looks like she is real in terms of her shape.

Vagina Sex 9/10:
Again not to much to say here. I have the removable vagina option, it was a little hard getting the item inside at first, but now that I know how it works, it’s really great, and a breeze to clean. It feels good. soft and ribbed.

Anal Sex 9/10: Really fun, she is very very very tight. I can’t stress that enough. I’m pretty well endowed in that region, and it was a bit of work getting in. I’m not bragging in any shape or form, I’m just letting you all know that if you are above average like me in terms of girth, you will want to use plenty of lube, and I mean plenty of it. It’s a chore at first getting in, but once your in, oh baby! And doing her doggy in this form, you won’t last long. Especially seeing her boobs jiggle back and fourth from the back. Wow writing this is, umm, getting me in the mood. I’ll be right back. . .

And we’re back. ;)

rsz_imag0588Face Sex N/A: I haven’t tried this yet with her. Although the texture of her mouth feel’s really nice with the touch of a finger. I can only imagine how it would feel around the little gent. But in terms of the LeAnne’s face. She’s beautiful, it’s soft, and she has a great look. It’s a very vivid look, yet soft and innocent. I got 3 wigs for her, and they all look great on her. She wants to be blonde for a while. :)

Overall score 9.8/10: I can’t give it a solid 10. Even though it’s damn near close. Even if you don’t want to use this thing for sex, it’s just a work of art to look at. Like perfect. It would of got a 10 from me, and it still may. It all depends if the ass jiggle comes back. Right now the ass doesn’t look flat, it’s popping. But you can for sure feel that the ass has definitely flatted a bit from sitting on a steel truck for a few days, and I’m sure that is the culprit for the lack of jiggle and shake.

Pros: It’s like having your very own huge busty model around all the time, that’s always in the mood. If you are into monster huge boobs, she fits the bill and then some. Again fantastic to look at, I laughed out loud when I opened the box, because I couldn’t believe how crazy awesome she looks.

Cons: Again I only really have 2. 1 being her ass jiggle, really wish they would of designed the box a little differently to allow her ass to just hang, and have Styrofoam or packing material support her legs and back area. Essentially not using the ass as a resting point in the box. And 2, weight. But weight isn’t really a con I guess. You have to realize what you are getting here. A large chested, big booty gal. Weight is going to come with her I’m afraid. I’m okay with the weight, because for one it’s a free workout being with her. Seriously you can skip the gym if you plan to have fun with her, and two look at all the amazing things that come with her weight. I have this damn near realistic bombshell in my room 24/7. If you start removing weight in places, quality takes a dip. Like her boobs wouldn’t be as amazing as they are right now.

Suggestions for the Passiondolls: Potentially alter the box she comes in. Give her a bigger ass. ;). Like I would totally be on board with her having like 10 extra pounds just in the ass. And if i could make a suggestion for heads. Design a Jessica Rabbit head. This doll pretty much has Jessica’s figure, it would be amazing to have the face and wig to go with it. ;) I would pre-order the head right now. Sure it would be like fucking a animated character, but I’m okay with that. Living out a fantasy like that would be pretty nifty, hopefully others agree. Also I would suggest a different foot design, potentially making them a tad bit longer so they can help support the doll better. Also I would totally be up for having a solid plastic tan foot bottom, rather than the 3 metal prongs. I feel a flattish surface on the bottom part of the foot, with a color that matches the doll of course, would be a better structural design, and look better than the peg holes on the bottom. Sure it’s hard plastic on the foot, but if you are into foot play, you will most likely get the non standing option. Just my 2 cents. :)

Final Points: If you have been lurking in the multiple forms this doll has now, and been remotely thinking about picking her up. Do yourself a favor and do it! You will not regret it. Sure she is heavy, but look what you get with her. Quality, and the amazing figure she has. I had my doubts for a while due to the weight, I was like oh man this is going to be a bitch, and even when she arrived, and I saw the box, and lifting the box, I was like, “OMG.” But all those doubts were smashed when I opened LeAnne’s Box! You will seriously be giddy when you open it up and your eyes lay upon the masterpiece in the box. You will want to dive in with her, and go at her right there and then. Sure she will be a bit odd to store, but as the gent from Jurassic park says, “Life finds a way.” And if anyone stumbles upon her, whether that be friends, family, or girlfriend. Who the fuck cares. They may laugh at first, but it will click with them shortly, and they will realize that you get to be with a goddess that most men dream about any time you want. So just own it. Be like why you laughing? Are you laughing at yourself, or the fact that I can have someone like this anytime I want?

Well thanks for reading, again I absolutely love her. I realize she is a doll, but man oh man do you forget during the act. I recently just started seeing someone too, so this should be fun if she finds her. I’m sure she will want to play with her too! ;)

Passiondolls you are a genius for making this design. Thank you very much, you have made my first doll purchase easy, you’ve been super informative and speedy with reply’s, and you delivered a top notch gal into my life. Now just make the Jessica head, so I can order the red dress ;)


Some vids of LeAnne







1483550173059_158cmexclusive-blond Special Price: $1,855.95

And if you’re interested in and want to buy one, just enter the special RDA Promo Code in the coupon section and click the [+] button. You will get 100$ off. If it is a TPE You will get $100 off plus 3 free wigs.  Doll must be $1000 or more for it to work

Promo code is: RDA100X

Some pics of Huge Boobs LeAnne



TDF Thread:

Vimeo Channel

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