Scarlet is a beautiful girl

Scarlet is a 6YE 165cm/ 5ft5in Doll. She has got the silky smooth White skin and always looks young and pretty.
On the other hand, she got the straight shinny blonde hair, and of course, the pair of sexy huge busts – 37 G-Cup.
If you like someone who is really exotic, but still manage to take care of your fun. You cannot miss out Scarlet.. and just for you, my lovely readers, i got a little discount!

Her measurements are:
  • Height: 165cm / 5ft 5in
  • Breast: 93cm / 36.6 in
  • Waist: 57 / 22 in
  • Hips: 86cm / 33.86in
  • Weight: 32kg / 70.5lbs
Scarlet has a beautiful realistic pussy and anal hole. Unlike other dolls which have an ugly hole at their bottom, Scarlet’s holes are realistically sexy! Check her pussy below.

Big Boobs Love Doll- G-Cup Blonde – Scarlet

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