Kassandra has a big BUTTT


Kassandra is an YLDoll 160cmThis excellent body has big boobs, but not only…

Kassandra loves to show her BIIIIG butt. And we love that! I’m waiting a new video of her…

This YLDoll 160 is a best seller and if you see this new pics series, you will be convinced!


# 1 Super Curvy 160 cm (5’2 ft) Kasandra just for $2,199




10 thoughts on “Kassandra has a big BUTTT

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  3. can i get kassandra just like this but with tootsie’s huge tits? kassandra tits are 98cm…. tootsie has to have 121 cm which is the largest!!!…. if so how much more will it cost? kassandra is $ 2199.00 now…please respond asap… thank you


  4. when you say yl150 are you speaking on dolly dearest or tania ? both are really nice but neither have kassandra / dolly’s butt which is the best butt i ever seen on a doll !! may i ask wat are tootsie’s and dolly dearest measurements


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