Sukiwaai new jiggle butt vid, OMG!


SUKIWAAI is fantastic Sex Bomb. She’s the new creation of Sili Doll and the first Life-Like Height –  169 cm /  5ft 6.5in. SiliDoll is well-known with the Japan Light White Skin version of premium Korean TPE for ultra SOFT & Real feelings. And the result with SUKIWAAI is sensational… See the vid and pics below!

Mig, my friend of SiliDoll created two special Launch offers:

PROMO LAUNCH PRICE: Only $2199 (Sukiwaai™ as displayed, with blonde hair, blue eyes, Free DHL Express Shipping, USA Duties and gifts listed here-in) – instead of US$ 2399!!

PROMO AD-ON: Extra compatible Suri™ or Sumi™ Head for only $150 ($380)

GO TO (the SiliDoll Store)


SUKIWAAI (169 cm) – Extra Realistic Juicy Sex Bomb $2,399.00 $2,199.00




4 thoughts on “Sukiwaai new jiggle butt vid, OMG!

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