Ex-Lite, all official pics and vids with PROMO!


It’s a fantastic day for Ex Doll lovers. For those who want an ExLite, It’s the best time! I get for you a Special Coupon Code with my partner CloudClimax.com10% off all orders.

I just want to remember you what is the Ex Lite.

20170104_112701A new plastic skeleton has been manufactured for the EX-Lite which is much stronger than ever before.The material used is Polyurethane Foam. There is no ‘Skin layer’. The Polyurethane Foam is the skin.EX-Lite is only available in ‘Kayla’ style currently.

She is 163cm (64.2in) tall and very lightweight at only 8kg (17.6lb)

B-W-H: 75cm – 50cm – 80cm

The removable limbs mean very little storage space is required for a full size doll. The EX-Lite easy to disassemble and put away.

 And the code on cloudclimax.com is… RDA10 – £836 => $1,026 / 975€

(add the coupon code on the Shipping & Payment page)






cloudclimax.co.uk is… RDA10 – £836 => $1,026 / 975€



cloudclimax.co.uk is… RDA10 – £836 => $1,026 / 975€

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