Happy New Year and Thanks To my Followers!


I just wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Like the past year, i would like to thank you all of you for all your comments, votes and your loyalty.

RDA (aka RealDollAddict.com) grew like never before, and it’s just thanks to you

RealDollAddict’s blog in 2016

  • 268 posts
  • 270K Visitors

On Twitter:


  • 206 Followers (89 new followers this year)
  • 167K impressions
  • 320 Tweets
  • 17K profile visits

On Pinterest:

  • 389 pins

On Tumblr:


  • 501 posts

And You, What did you expect for 2017? 

Please leave your comments to help me improve this blog!



One thought on “Happy New Year and Thanks To my Followers!

  1. Thanks for my favourite email Would like more technical stuff and get readers to hot house the next gen of super light sexy dolls it’s curve art wm I believe are market leaders what we want is durable This is only the beginning with vr we should consult blind people and find out what works


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