Bust is HUGE 121cm and Hip is 42cm, the biggest boob/ass combo


Bust is a 62.2″ (158cm) doll from Passiondolls.com, not yet produced but you can preorder it. She has the BIGGEST BREAST (47.6 inches) i have ever seen (except the new 150 YL Doll). This is bigger than OR Doll H-CUP, WM Dolls 165cm K-Cup or the other PassionDolls H-Cup Jessica.

And, until the doll is release, you can preorder and use the RDA promo code.  

You will get $150 OFF, plus 3 wigs included all together!

Promo code is: RDA100X (Contact Passiondolls.com)

The offer stand only until Jan 2 and only for this doll for preorder.

The specific head for this doll is not yet finished but you can pick any Jinsan head is fine.

The exclusive head will come later and I will update you of course!

9 thoughts on “Bust is HUGE 121cm and Hip is 42cm, the biggest boob/ass combo

    • Whaouh! It’s a very detailed question!!! I think it’s too earlier to get the answer. I’m waiting for a long review and more tests to know. Perhaps Tootsie could help us with the similar doll from YLDoll


  1. Hi!
    Judging from her not-very-good-looking glued nipple patch it’s a variation of YL150 with a bit smaller breasts. Nice indeed except that nipple. Hope they will improve it in future.
    BTW what’s her height?


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