Pandora is back and she’s jalous!


Pandora is one of @Tootsie’s dolls. This TDF senior member is a lucky guy (and so nice too), because he has probably all the current best dolls: the YL Doll 155cm Big Butt, the WM Doll K-Cup (Pandora) and  the all-new YL Doll 150 Huge boobs 

And this last doll is the problem of Pandora… This new crazy huge boobies doll became the fav of Tootsie… Damn! She felt down.

But it’s not the last words of Pandora… She has many arguments…


#1 K Cup Boobs! Judy Sexy Doll with Huge Boobs with Large Nipples! 




To follow Pandora et send her some good mess and support:

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