The “EX-Lite” as she is now to be known is here!


DS have built a new factory in order to facilitate the new EX-Lite doll.  She has been pre-released in China under the Ex-Doll brand and the doll is now being known as the Ex-Lite for the Western Market too. A new plastic skeleton has been manufactured, which is much stronger than ever before.

As it stands EX-Lite will only be available in ‘Kayla’ style and with the one type of body which is around 163cm tall. She will weigh 8kg. The removable limbs mean someone with very little storage space can have a full size doll.

You can buy* yours now on CloudClimax just for £990!

Special introductory price for EX Lite, shipping to commence Jan17 working to about 4-5 week lead time for deliveries.
Massive saving introductory price, £900 free shipping UK, £50 EU for rest of the world*.

*As usual, we will be selling within the UK, EU (except France & Germany) and Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada, China & Japan).

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