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CLM 160 cm (5’2 ft) Big Butt Fat Doll

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This the time of BIG FAT DOLLS…

After the all new fat curvy doll from WM Dolls (i love her), CLM released a new model with big fat butt and huge boobs.

She’s a little heavy but it’s normal with her curvy body.

Her price is incredible too: you can buy her just $1999 (very cheap for a 5’2″ TPE Doll)

Her specs are:

  • 160 cm (5’2 ft) 
  • Breast: 41.7″ (106cm) !!!!
  • Waist: 24.8” (63cm)
  • Hips:40.15” (102 cm) 
  • Weight: 99.61lbs (45.2kg)


CLM 160 cm (5’2 ft) Big Butt Fat Doll




    • Hi Andy I also have a 160cm CLM and love this doll. Your 2 dolls are soo sexy u are very lucky to have them. I was just courious if u had any problems with there skeletons? On mine the left leg at the hip is very loose and can’t hold a pose. I have had my CLM for one month. Thanks, Mark

  1. Hi Andy, I just recieved my YL 160 with the kasandra face and I am going to sell her. I have had her a few days. My favorite is still my CLM ,but all skeleton is loose.

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