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Big boobs and welcoming mouth, the perfect combination

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WM Dolls produced the new 4’9 (152cm with) big boobs and big butt (Sexy night for beachy girl with big butt or WM Dolls Curvy is back) . This body received some excellent measurement:

  • BUST     85.5 cm    33.6 in
  • WAIST   53 cm     20.8 in
  • HIP         92.5 cm     36.4 in

This new #142 head from WM Dolls is really naughty and with the curvy body, it’s crazy!

For me, it is one of the most beautiful combinations currently.

logo_e305ee37-417e-457f-aa2d-9db36979dfa9_1024x1024.pngBUY # 1 Curvy 152 cm (4’9 ft) New Head!



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