Cloud Climax present the DS-Lite (EX-Lite) an interview of Paul Lumb


With the DS-Lite being so highly anticipated and such an innovative product, we have had so much interest already

I already announced in this blog the creation of the new DS Lite(ExLite) models from DS DOLL (EX DOLL). Cloud Climax, one of my UK partner, the official UK reseller of DS dolls has been offering quickly the pre-registration: New DS-Lite Pre-Registration


You can see a complete Interview of Paul Lumb the owner of Cloud Climax.

Silicone dolls offer great realism and attention to detail, but that also means that they are rather expensive and that it’s hard to store them at home in a discreet manner, considering their size and weight.

Japanese company DS Dolls has set out to find a solution to this problem and are now presenting the result, called DS-Lite.

It will be available in our climes very shortly, brought to us by Cloud Climax, the official reseller of DS dolls.

EAN spoke with Paul Lumb, the owner of Cloud Climax, to learn more about the new ‘lightweight’ in the dolls segment.

Paul also provides us with some background info on this product category, explaining why sex dolls are sometimes referred to as ‘Dutch Wives’. Believe it or not, this term was actually coined by the Japanese, and it dates back to the 17th century


Cloud Climax have added the DS-Lite Doll to their range. What sets this doll apart from the other products of DS Dolls?

NzE3MjA3REZFQ0I5RTZCMUI1MTI6ZjZiZjE2M2JmY2UzMmM1ZWUyZGY3ZjU0NTBkNWUwYzc6Ojo6OjA= (1)Paul Lumb: The DS-Lite is new to DS Dolls and Cloud Climax, and will be available from the end of November. Before now, we have just had the Platinum Silicone ranges in store. What it is that makes this doll different are the new innovative materials used. The doll is made from Polyurethane Foam and an all new design POM plastic skeleton. This means that the DS-Lite is super lightweight at around 8kg compared to a silicone doll of the same size which weighs around 37kg. There has not been innovation to this extent by any doll manufacturer for some years. It really is a breakthrough to have been


The DS-Lite Doll is made from PU foam. What advantages does this material offer?

Paul Lumb: The Polyurethane Foam that is used to make the DS-Lite is advantageous for many reasons. Firstly, it is lightweight and so therefore keeps the product weight very low. The best description of the material is to say it is similar to memory foam, in that it comes back to shape and is quite spongy. It is warm, unlike a silicone doll and so feels more natural as it stays at an ambient temperature. It is also a selfskinning material, which means that it does not need to be covered in an extra layer of outer material which saves on production time.

NzE3MjA3REZFQ0I5RTZCMUI1MTI6OTQ1NmE2ZmExZmZhYzZkMjk5NDhjMTQ3ZGFiYzAxMTE6Ojo6OjA=When will this new model be available from Cloud Climax, and will it also be possible for distributors and wholesalers to get the Lite Doll from you?

Paul Lumb: The new DS-Lite will be available at the end of November. Distributors and wholesalers are able to get the DS-Lite directly from Cloud Climax and should make contact with me, Paul Lumb, emailing me at More information about the DS-Lite can be found on our website at


Complete Interview (PDF)



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