New head #35 from Z-Onedoll (videos)


Cool great news from Z-OneDoll with this news: #35 head for the 4’7″ (145cm) body. I introduced you this body on the previous post: New Z-onedoll 145cm model with A26 Face

The specs of this 145cm body are:

  • Model: 145 (4’7)
  • Bust*Band*Waist*Hip: 75*58*53*72
  • Shoulder: 34
  • Arms: 61
  • Legs: 69
  • Feet: 19
  • Weight: 29 lbs

This new caucasian head is beautiful, especially the shape of eyes, and sexy lips!!!

My Partner shared Mike Lee’s video of this new head on their YouTube Channel. I added below new vid by Mike Lee of the 160cm body with same new head.


Buy 145 cm (4’7ft) with head #35 Silicone Real Sex Doll on

145cm with new A35 head


160cm with new A35 head




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