New WM Dolls Curvy body


After the new 5’3″ (160cm), and the Fat 158cm , WM DOLLS released new curvy body measuring 4’9″ (152cm). This beautiful new TPE body with large breasts and big butt looks like a ruby13 doll.

For me, it’s probably a new best seller after the WM DOLLS 5’1″ (155cm) and the 4’7″ (140cm). The weight is little high with 81.5 lb (37 kg), but the new shape of her boobs, tight waist 20.8 in (53 cm) and very large hip 36.4 in (92.5 cm)… more than 19″ of difference, will be strong arguments ;-)).


BUY #1 Killer Curves 152 cm (4’9 ft) Big Ass and Boobs on

Her measurement:

  • DOLL SIZE CM    152 cm   4 ft 9
  • WEIGHT               37 kg       81.5 lb
  • BUST     85.5 cm    33.6 in
  • WAIST   53 cm     20.8 in
  • HIP         92.5 cm     36.4 in
  • PRICE  $ 2499.00


9 thoughts on “New WM Dolls Curvy body

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  4. I do like the size of her hips,waist and booty but is it possible to have a doll designed like the adult star Bun4Ever with H-cup breast standing 158cm?


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