Jellynew 162cm big breast TPE DOLL


You can see below new video and some pics of the 162cm big breast from Jellynew.
Jellynew design the head for Wm Dolls bodies and created some new brand bodies too. There are some examples on TDF sold by Dollstudio:

New arrival: Jellynew JN-162 with Erika head (Jinsan #86)


New photos with Jellynew ›Judith‹ head (#99) and 158 cm body


Her specifications are:
  • European Face Name: Olinda, Judith
  • Height: 162cm
  • Shoulder width: 37cm
  • Boobs: 92cm
  • Waist: 61cm
  • Hip: 84cm
  • Weight: 35.5kg
  • Feet: 22cm
  • Price: 1289usd (including shipping cost of Fedex)


Click just below to visit the Aliexpress Store of Jellynew to buy this beautiful babe…



Pics of the 162cm body


Vid of the 162cm


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