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The Mahtek Factories video tour 2016

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Abyss Studio 2016 Tour   YouTube.png

Mahtek is a great star in the little doll’s fan world and Doll Patriarch on TDF.

He’s a very good photographer and a great videographer. He made a series of vids on the dolls factories available on his YouTube Channel “The Mahtek”.

You could find some of them below.

Abyss Studio 2016 Tour

A short video of our tour of the Abyss Creations Studio.


Mechadoll Visit 2016

A short video of our tour of the Mechadoll factory, including video of the Universal Softness Test. Lots of close ups of the different faces, too, though I may not have gotten all of the names right.


Visit with Maid Fong

A short video of my visit with Titman, the owner of Maid-Lee dolls and his creation Maid-Fong, a beautiful silicone sweetheart that is amazingly soft and flexible.


4 Woods Visit

Our visit to the 4woods Showroom during the 2015 DolLApalooza tour.


Visit the Mahtek YouTube Channel on


  1. Mahtek is great guy and friend. I was with him on his visit and he does great videos . The 4Woods video is mine and glad you are sharing it.

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