Z-Onedoll 111cm is ready for order!


Z-OneDoll created a new mini silicone Doll. You could see Two galleries with Candy and Angela Heads on their website.

This body exists with two specifications: big and normal breasts (available soon). The prices should be $1,200 for normal type and $1,280 for Intelligent type.

Big breasts version:

  • Bust*band*waist*hip(cm):64*39*39*65;
  • Shoulder: 24cm; Arms:44cm; Legs: 50cm;
  • `Feet:15cm; Weight:17kg
  • Thigh circumference:34cm
  • Calf circumference:21cm

Medium breasts version is not ready yet, but it will be released soon.

Like the other models of Z-OneDoll, you could choose the normal (with oral hole) or the Intelligent type with options:
1) with heating and sound, but no oral;
2) with heating and oral, no sound;

I received some pics of this body with A36 head, but the doll seems too young for me (hate that).

Pics with A30 Candy and A27 heads




More info on TDF:


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