New DS-Lite Pre-Registration


With Cloud Climax, Official Ex Doll UK Seller, you can pre-register your future Ex Doll Lite.

Currently, i did not have any price for this new doll:

That will be affordable to those who appreciate the high quality of DS Dolls with a product that will be much more affordable now to many more doll enthusiasts.

We are happy to hear from anybody who wants to pre-register for notification of the release through our contact page. We may put a pre-ordering system in place before the release date and by pre-registering you will be the first to hear all the news!

As usual, we will be selling within the UK, EU (except France & Germany) and Worldwide (excluding USA, China & Japan).

It is now approximately 1.5-2 months until release date so October/November 2016.


3 thoughts on “New DS-Lite Pre-Registration

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  2. Wil the DS-Lite Doll be for sale in the U.S.A.?.lf so when and how can I be able to buy one.what will be the price of the doll in,
    Thank you


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