WM Dolls 156cm new body with #88 head photo


This #88 head is so beautiful!.. You can’t resist and with this blond wig and long braids… OMG! I love her brown eyes too. She’s so mysterious. For me, it’s the best face from WM DOLLS now.

I already wrote a post about this new 156cm small breast body, with some nice pics… but these are just artistic.

Her measurements are:

Height: 156cm (61.41”)
B-W-H:73-58-79cm (28.74-22.82”-31.1”)
Weight: 29.8kg (65.69lbs)
Openings: Vagina, Anal, Mouth


Buy #156 cm (5’11ft) Sexy Real Sex Doll with Head #88 for just $2,200


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