What about DS DOLL strategy and New Cloud Climax offer


Cloud Climax, Official DS DOLL UK Reseller, are now doing free doll shipping within the UK when code DISCOUNTDOLLDELIVERYUK is entered at checkout. It is £100 shipping for Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland for all August. Scandinavian special shipping for Aug!

DS DOLL changed many things in their strategy. Now, EXDoll is the Chinese branding that DS use. In China they are known as ExDoll rather than DS. www.exdoll.com is all in Chinese with Yen currency. www.dsdoll.us is their ‘Rest of the World’ site in English with USD currency.

minievaDollDetail_01As far as availability:

100cm dolls Eve and Eva are currently not on sale. DS are making updates to the skeletons and are making more moulds so when they go back on sale they can better meet the demand. When the dolls originally went on sale they ended up with a huge backlog due to such high demand.
145cm dolls are not on sale directly through DSDoll.us but as a reseller, Cloud Climax are still able to sell the full 145 range (145, 145- and 145+). DS are making updates to the faces of the 145 range and these will be going on sale as soon as the updates are complete. 145cm dolls are only available through official resellers currently.
158cm – 167cm are all still on sale through DS directly and through official resellers.

145cm – £2795

167cm – £3495

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