New Offer on DS DOLL Model by Cloud Climax


DS DOLL is one of best silicone dolls factories in the world. I loved the 145 plus model for long time! She’s so sexy and lovely and booby and … OMG i’m crazy when i talk about her… For those who don’t know her:

DS DOLL 145+

My UK partner Cloud Climax, Official DS Doll UK seller, offers some good prices on some great models, including this 145+

Their prices are for all countries excluding USA, China, Japan, France and Germany. They do not have permission from DS to ship to these areas as there are other resellers or DS ship there directly.
The retail price takes into account not only the price of the doll but the shipping from China to here, import fees, duty and tax at UK rates.
As a reseller we can still sell the 145 models. This is an arrangement they have with DS despite them not having them on sale themselves to make upgrades.
  • 167cm £3495 – $4,620
  • 163cm & 163Plus £3295 – $4,358
  • 160cm & 160Plus £3295158cm & 158Plus £3295 – $4,358
  • 145cm, 145Plus & 145Minus £2795 – $3,695 

More info and order on

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