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Huge review with pics and vids of Suki from SILI Doll

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For those who don’t know Suki, she’s a Korean TPE Doll sold by Sili Doll on their store. Mig, the owner, is one of my best partner and he produced some of best 110 cm doll in the market!

I let you read if you have doubts: “REVIEW OF SUKI 110cm TPE DOLL (sold by Sili Doll) by DollAfficionado”

A BIG thanks to DollAfficionado!


This is my review of the Suki 110cm TPE doll as sold by Sili Doll at the following website,
Sili Doll states on their front page that Sili Doll is the World’s softest sex doll. I own 3 other TPE dolls by various other manufacturers, and I can honestly say that my Suki Doll is indeed MUCH softer than any of the other 3 TPE dolls that I own.
Additionally, the Suki doll offers vaginal, anal, and oral orifices for pleasure; this is an awesome feat in such a small doll. The skeleton also allows Suki to be easily flexed into any sex position which you desire. Weighing in at only 13 kilograms, Suki is incredibly easy to lift and manipulate; she can also be hidden/stored very easily for those who have such a need. Suki is a true hidden gem among the TPE dolls available today. For those who prefer a larger size doll, Sili doll offers the 135cm SUMI doll and the soon-to-be released SURI doll.






The artistic talent present in the doll’s head is superb. The eyes, nose, mouth, and ears look very life-like. The EXTREMELY SOFT lips and mouth provide the BEST kissing experience that I have ever encountered in a doll. While the doll does not have a tongue, kissing is incredibly life-like in all other aspects. Oral sex with the doll’s head is very good as the cavity is ribbed to enhance pleasure. There are sex toys that simulate a better technical blowjob; however, the beauty of the face as you watch the doll sucking you will make you forget about any technical details. As with all the doll’s cavities, be sure to use sufficient lubrication when she is giving you a blowjob.







The doll’s head is detachable from the body via a screw on bolt assembly. The bolt needs to be lined up perfectly before you can start screwing the head onto the doll. As the head is almost fully screwed on, you will need to hold the TPE material of the body down during the last few revolutions otherwise the head and body TPE material will come into contact before the head is fully screwed on. Attaching/Detaching a head will add to your maintenance time; however, the ability to switch heads is well worth this extra work. Any water or dampness around the neck area could easily get into the interior of the doll; therefore, extreme care must be taken to avoid getting water anywhere near the neck area. When the head is fully attached to the doll, the neck/head connection looks very natural and the seams are only visible if you look very closely.


The chest is very naturally shaped, and the breasts are made out of the same TPE material as the rest of the doll. The scaled-down doll’s breasts are the equivalent of approximately C cup size breasts. Because the TPE material is so soft, the breasts will jiggle a lot during play making for some very fun times. The areola and nipples of the doll are pronounced offering an enjoyable experience for those who love to suck their doll’s breasts. While you can slide your penis in between the tits to some extent, you will not be able to create deep cleavage for titty-fucking. The breasts do feel nice and soft to the touch – they have a girl-next-door feel to them. While larger breasts might be nice, the scaled-down C cups are probably better for the durability of the doll and they look very natural on her.



The doll’s abdomen is consistent with the look of a very skinny girl possessing curves in the correct locations. The abdomen does possess a navel. The transition curve between the abdomen and groin looks very natural and sexy. Finding clothing to fit and flatter this area of the doll will be a difficult challenge, but it is a challenge well worth undertaking.


The curvature of the spine on Suki is very natural and realistic-looking. When you give Suki a hug, it feels just like hugging a real girl. When laying the doll down, be sure to place her on a soft and smooth surface in order to keep her backside in perfect condition.


The doll’s arms will bend at the elbow, and they will hold a pose in your desired position. While the arms can rotate above the shoulders, I recommend limiting the amount of time that the arms are placed into such a position in order to prevent potential damage. The arms can hold around you somewhat, but they will not be able to hold completely around you unless you are a very skinny guy. While the doll cannot give you a full hug during sex, she can get her arms to a point where a woman would be holding onto your sides to help guide your thrusts. Overall, the arms can be maneuvered into almost all human positions.


The doll’s skeleton does not extend to the hands; therefore, the fingers will not be able to grasp objects or hold finger positions. This design does have the advantage of the owner not having to worry about finger pokes which are a common problem among doll’s with skeleton’s that extend to the fingers. The hands are not able to hold any objects. While Suiki will not be able to give you a handjob, the super soft TPE material does feel very nice when she touches you. The fingernails on the hands are attached by simple glue. Fingernails falling off is likely to become to an issue, but it is fortunately an easy problem to repair.


The doll’s legs are very sexy and naturally contoured. She has thicker calves which become thinner as they run lower down the leg ending in thinner lower legs. The doll’s legs will bend straight up into the air, they will bend at the knee, and they will bend into a spread-eagle position. This movement does not appear to cause any excessive strain on the TPE material which moves right back into its original position when the legs are straightened. The hip joint of Suki is designed very well making it obvious that her creators prioritized sexual functionality.


The doll’s skeleton descends into the foot but not into the toes. This appears to be a good design decision as it eliminates the possibility of wire pokes from the toes. The feet do not wear shoes very well, but they can be made to fake it for static photo sessions. The feet do look very good; however, I would recommend that extra caution be taken not to damage the doll’s toes. Some sort of sock protection would be a good idea during play.


Suki has a built-in pussy with labia and clit. While the detailing of the labia and clit does not get an excellent rating, I give Kudos to Sili Doll for including a labia and clit at all as many other TPE dolls do not have this feature. The pussy opening appears very small at first; however, it stretches well to accommodate a penis. The inside of the pussy is ribbed to enhance intercourse pleasure. The SUPER SOFT TPE material provides a feel that makes it feel as close to the the real thing as I have ever felt in a doll’s pussy. The use of lube is an absolute requirement each and every time you have sex with the doll as dry rubbing will eventually damage the interior. Keeping the vagina well powdered will be critical to keeping this “just like the real thing” feel. The doll’s legs and hips can be manipulated to provide a tighter or looser feeling. It is clear that the pussy was a high priority area for the Suki’s creators.

ClaireNude 6

The anus of the doll is very small – just like a real woman. If you have a very thick penis, I can foresee an eventual tear of the anus if you like to have lots of anal sex. If you choose to use the doll’s anal feature, make sure that you use lots of lube – much more than you would use for vaginal sex. The doll’s anus feels very tight around your penis – just like a real woman who is new to anal sex. Many small doll MFRs do not even have anal as an option, so it is great that Sili Doll included this option on the Suki doll. Just be sure to use LOTS AND LOTS OF LUBRICATION.


The mouth/throat feels very nice around your cock and there is even some suction effect where she tries to slurp you back into her mouth. The ribbed contour of the oral cavity enhances the experience. Most dolls on which I have used the oral cavity develop and immediate split at the side of the mouth, but this is not the case with Suki. Suki’s mouth expands to take a full size penis and then reverts to normal shape when the penis if removed with no damage done to the mouth. While some sex toys might simulate a blowjob better, watching your Suki doll sucking you will quickly make you forget about any minor technical omissions. Note that when you insert yourself into the doll’s mouth, your penis slides upwards on an incline rather than straight back. This was necessary due to the design of the head. This is noticeable at first but something you will probably get over quickly after you experience your first blowjob with her.







The skeleton is very rigid when you first receive your Suki doll. When you move a limb or joint of the doll, the limb or joint will remain in the position in which you place it. The skeleton will loosen up over time; just go gently on her during your initial “sessions” just as you would do with a virgin female. The skeleton appears very well designed offering a large range of motion. The skeleton was particularly well done at the hips, thereby increasing the number of possible sex positions. The skeleton does not extend into the fingers and toes.



Suki’s TPE skin is the SOFTEST and most REALISTIC feeling skin of any doll that I have owned in the past. The skin of my other dolls is very nice to touch, but Suki’s skin provides a very real human-like tactile sensation that will amaze you. The skin does like to try to “capture” color; therefore, you have to be very careful with the color and type of clothing or other items that you allow to remain in contact with the doll’s skin for an extended period of time. Storing the doll naked is the safest long-term option.


At 13 kilograms, Suki is EXTREMELY easy to manipulate. I could easily carry her with one arm; however, I suggest using both arms when carrying Suki for best stability. Moving the doll into different sex positions requires very little effort as compared to larger sized dolls. The only position that Suki does not perform so well is missionary position; however, this is common to small dolls. She functions extremely well in any other sex position that you wish to try. Whether you are older of age, have physical limitations, or just prefer a lighter doll, Suki’s light-weight and compact frame will deliver an amazing sexual experience.


Claire2With proper care, I expect that the Suki should last for many years. As the TPE material is very soft, it is very important to keep Suki well-powdered and protected from humidity. Always store your Suki doll in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After a “session” with your Suki doll, be sure that all cavities are cleaned and thoroughly dried out before putting your Suki away. A micro-fiber towel is a great way to absorb most of the residual moisture after cleaning, and a small mini-fan placed in front of the cavity for a couple hours will ensure that she is made completely dry.





*** Warning: these stressors were performed to test and evaluate Suki’s limits. Please do not repeat them with your own Suki doll as permanent damage may result ***


For this test, my Suki doll was dropped from a 4 foot height numerous times to a lightly carpeted floor.
The doll experienced no apparent damage after the first 23 drops. After drop #24, there was some loosening of the left shoulder joint.
No additional damage was apparent after drops 25 to 37.
After drop #38, the doll’s right leg became loosened and a rattle noise could be heard within the doll.
Drop testing was discontinued at this point.
Result: this test shows that Suki is durable enough to withstand an occasional accidental drop; however, damage is expected if you abuse her to often in this manner.



For this test, various weighted clamps were clamped onto the TPE material for a 1 hour duration, and then removed to evaluate the skin’s ability to return to its original shape without compression damage.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 5 and 10 pound clips, the doll’s skin returned to normal with no damage.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 15 pound clip, the doll’s skin developed a permanent slight indentation after the clamp was removed.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 20 pound clip, the doll’s skin developed a significant permanent indentation.
Result: Suki can withstand some compression, but extended heavy compression will result in permanent indentations. Suki should be stored naked with no objects compressing her skin during storage.


For this test, toes and fingers were stretched and held for a 1 hour duration at various lengths.
When a finger and toe was pulled and held at x1 through x5 of the resting length for one hour, the material returned to its original shape with no damage.
When a finger and toe was pulled to x6 its resting length, the material did show signs of elongation and micro-tearing
Result: Suki’s super soft skin can withstand very significant stretching but it does have its limit. Do not stretch your doll’s skin any more than necessary during play; however, this test shows that she will be able to withstand most stretching “accidents”.


If any of the following match your needs, a Suki doll is for you.
1. I want the softest most realistic feeling doll available.
2. I need to be able to easily hide a doll from family, friends, and/or visitors.
3. I have physical limitations which limit how much I can lift.
4. I want a small-sized doll, but I want full sexual functionality.
5. I want a companion doll, but she can’t take up too much space.
If you love all of Suki’s great features, but a small doll is just not for you, then I recommend checking out Sili Doll’s 135cm SUMI doll which can be found here: … mi-135-cm/
Or the SURI doll which can be found here:
These other dolls have all of Suki’s great features – just in a larger size doll


The Suki doll is truly a hidden gem among small-sized dolls. Her skin is unbelievably SOFT – SOFTER than any other doll currently available. Suki’s realistic shape and details will drive you to euphoric bliss. The range of sexual positions that you can easily achieve with Suki is unsurpassed. A significant amount of artistic talent and care went into creating the Suki doll. I recommend that you try the Suki experience today & see what you have been missing. You will not be disappointed.

[by DollAfficionado]










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