Azumi, you’re so sexy with little white bikini and BIG promo


Azumi is one of the best seller of my partner DiddleWorld. She’s a “sublime” model with big boobs and… What an ASS!!!…

And just for you, my lovely readers, you’re entitled to a 13% discount with Coupon Code PLUS they give out more discount for you to cover their shipping fee!

Get the coupon code and view the giant pics gallery below.

azumi-love doll-diddleworld-19.jpg
Visitors come from are entitled to a 13% discount with Coupon Code “REALDOLLADDICT“.
Customers that shipping fee is unable to be deducted, therefore DiddleWorld give out more discount to cover their shipping fee.
Buy your Azumi at :
The description on the store are so exciting:

Meet Azumi – I bet you’ve never seen a hot Japanese like Azumi. She may not be the typical fair Asians, but her tan has definitely lifted her level of sexiness, not to mention her big boobs and ass.

2 (12)

She is particularly hot when she is in a white bikini. She is into outdoor sports and sunbathing, that’s where she got her tan. She has been active and flexible, perhaps sex in standing is not a problem for her, if you want it.


Her specifications are:

  • Height: 5’18″ / 158cm
  • Weight: 69.45lbs / 31.5 Kg
  • Breast: 33.46 inches / 85cm
  • Waist: 23.61 inches / 60cm
  • Hips: 31.5 inches/ 80cm



azumi-love doll-diddleworld-12.jpg

Buy your Azumi at :

8 thoughts on “Azumi, you’re so sexy with little white bikini and BIG promo

    • We are a US-based adult toy company, with a shipping hub in Hong Kong to source and produce love dolls. We may be new in love dolls but we have been in the adult toy business for years. Realdolladdict trusts with our site and therefore don’t mind to write a post for us. They are the real authority in love dolls as you know


    • HI
      Yes Azumi is so sexy. She’s made by DiddleWorld (Hog Kong factory produces the model for DW).
      i tried and (continue to) to have a vid.

      The promo is fantastic (13% !!!) I had never seen before.


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