New 100CM DOLL HOUSE 168

100cm %2814%29

DOLL HOUSE 168 is the little growing company. They released new little model: 100cm. Her face is really new and a success, with big blue eyes and red lips…

It’s a TPE doll, with:

  • Weight:16.4kg (36.1lbs)
  • Bust:66cm (26”)
  • Waist:44cm (17.3”)
  • Hip:67cm (26.3”)

A little breast with little butt for a little dolly…

If you like mini doll, there are choices with big butt SUMI  (from my excellent partner SILI DOLL) or big breast RILEY (with an actual great promo). But with little breasts, i think it’s one of the first.

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