DS Doll 145 Plus, pics and vids by Sate


Sate is senior member on TDF and a nice guy. He created some threads on TDF with many pics and vids of his beauty:  ELINA, an elf doll from DS Doll (145 plus) .

Just for you my lovely readers, he gave his agreement to release all on realdolladdict.com!

This dolly was made in February of 2016, and likely had the latest silicone blend from DS.

Sate is not just a dolls fan, he’s the Crude Plush Dolls Manufacturer

If you want more infos:

Crude Plush Dolls – Series 2 – viewtopic.php?f=228&t=70967.

Crude Plush Dolls are unique plush fabric dolls made by me just for sale on the forum. Each features full-size height (160cm-170cm), vaginal and anal openings that can fit inserts and sleeves, thick thighs that can be positioned for easy intercourse, a large and soft booty and breasts, and anime style face decals.

– Sate

The Videos of ELINA (DS DOLL 145+)

Here are two videos of me showing the range of motion on my DS 145 Plus with loose joints. The first video shows mostly above the waist movement, and the second goes into the legs and abdomen.



The huge pics gallery of Elina (DS DOLL 145p)

Enjoy the photos. My little 145cm doll has really been improving my everyday life. Waking up to see that body profile and the elf ears poking out from under a soft blanket really makes the day not feel as shitty as usual lol.


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