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Big comparison by Jonn: “My opinion of 140cm TPE vs 167cm silicone”

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Jonn is a dolls fan and a senior member of TDF. He shared his opinion between two best sellers: the WM DOLLS 140cm and the DS DOLL 167cm. You could see their dolls in the gallery below.

Thanks to Jonn for this excellent review!

I have some experience now with both a WM 140cm doll from mid to late 2015 (made of TPE) and a DS 167cm doll from early 2016 (made of silicone). I want to share my opinion of each of these, to help people trying to decide what doll they want to buy.

I’ve had the WM 140cm TPE doll for about 6 months.

I’ve had the DS 167cm silicone doll for about 6 weeks.

Maybe I am just being unusually careful, or maybe neither doll type is as fragile as I’ve heard.

Material Durability – Winner: undecided
IMG_0948.resizedI have read a lot of conflicting information about the durability of TPE and silicone. Some people say TPE is fragile while others say it is stronger and more stretchy than silicone. I can’t say either way because I have not damaged either doll significantly. The TPE doll lost one toenail in all the time I have had her, and I tore one of the inserts from the silicone doll (it was a very thin bit of silicone at the end of the insert). Maybe I am just being unusually careful, or maybe neither doll type is as fragile as I’ve heard.

It is important to note that when damage eventually occurs, silicone is much easier to repair because the repair materials are easier to obtain and easier to use. I haven’t done a repair for either doll yet, so I can’t say more than that.

All the victories of WM 140cm:

Softness and Feel – Winner: WM 140cm
Both are very soft. I would say the TPE is a little softer and squishier, but it is really very close. The TPE does not get as tacky as the silicone, so it wins by a hair.

Smell – Winner: WM 140cm
The silicone smell bothers me a little even 6 weeks later. The TPE smell was never this strong or bothersome to me. Either odor can bother people more or less. It depends on the person and the particular chemical formula. I suppose I am just lucky the dolls can’t smell me. :wink:

IMG_0962.resizedVaginal – Winner: WM 140cm
Both my dolls have an insert vagina (WM offers a fixed vagina option, DS does not).

WM’s insert is designed to be hidden behind the doll’s built-in labia. There is always a bit of a lube mess around the outside and inside of the orifice after a session.

DS’s insert includes labia, and sticks out a little when properly inserted. There is a rough reinforcement mesh just inside the vagina which is uncomfortable to rub against, so you have to be careful to not push the insert in beyond that mesh. There is much less of a lube mess around the orifice with the DS insert style.


WM’s insert is long enough to accommodate my 6.5 or 7 inch length. The DS insert is much smaller, and must stretch to accommodate.

WM’s insert is more textured and more stimulating than DS.

WM’s insert is more durable than DS. I can’t imagine breaking the WM insert, but one of the two included DS inserts tore at a weak spot in my very first session. (both DS inserts are the same design, but one was thinner at the end)

Anal – Winner: WM 140cm
WM has a lengthy textured anal orifice. DS has a very short (about 1.5 inches?) almost untextured anal orifice, and anal sex is not recommended due to the chance of tearing the silicone.

Oral – Winner: WM 140cm
IMG_0972.resizedMost WM doll heads are fully oral-sex-capable and have a textured tunnel going up into the head. The cavity is tight and nicely textured. I have used them several times without any sign of tearing the lips, and I have slightly above average girth.

Very few DS heads are capable of oral sex. Due to a long manufacturing delay, DS offered a free second head and I chose one that is oral-capable. This cavity also extends upward into the head, and is of similar length to the WM oral cavity, maybe longer. The cavity is wider and less textured than WM’s, which makes it less stimulating but easier to clean. DS recommends against oral sex due to the high chance of tearing the silicone.

The victory of DS 167cm

Skeleton and Joints – Winner: DS 167cm
IMG_0940.resizedThe two skeletons are both metal and have similar features and range of motion. Since I don’t do artistic posing with my dolls, I actually couldn’t tell you the differences in range of motion and type of joints. They are both equally capable at posing in bed.

The quality of the joints is a different story. In my WM 140cm, one shoulder joint and the joint in the middle of the back went from very stiff to completely loose within 24 hours with no mistreatment. It was bad enough to earn me a free second head from WM (thanks 1am for the good support!). Other joints became loose in the following months, while some joints remain as stiff today as they were at the start, requiring two hands for effective moving. The WM skeleton also creaks a little, particularly when the hips move.

The DS 167cm has fared much better. DS offered the option between loose and tight joints, so I chose tight joints and they turned out to be exactly what I wanted. They are not too tight like some of the WM joints were, and I can actually move most of them with just one hand. Joints stay in position without support. Joints have not loosened noticeably in these 6 weeks. DS did a very good job with this.

Size – Winner: DS 167cm
IMG_0938.resizedThe WM 140cm is scaled down from normal adult size (scaled proportionally, so photographs can hide the size and make her look bigger). For people with a weight limit, budget limit, or a fetish for elves, this can be a good thing. For me, it was a compromise. I wanted the most realistic sex doll possible, but on a small budget and I hadn’t worked out a place to store a larger doll yet.

After trying the 140cm doll, I wanted one that did not compromise on size. The DS 167cm fit the bill perfectly. She does not feel scaled down at all from normal adult size. She is nearly as tall as I am. She has thicker arms and legs and a really nice butt. The trade-off is she weighs close to 25 lbs more than the 140cm doll and costs about twice as much.

I apologize for not having comparison pictures. They haven’t been in bed together yet. Pictures are posted in a reply below!

Better realism improves the fantasy, and the DS 167 is more realistic.

Overall sex experience – Winner: DS 167cm
Yes, WM wins in vaginal, oral, and anal, yet DS wins overall. After a long history of stimulating sex toys, I like WM’s greater stimulation and larger tunnels and wish DS was more like WM in this regard. However, if sex was only about stimulating the penis, we wouldn’t be spending thousands on dolls. Fantasy is what dolls are all about. Better realism improves the fantasy, and the DS 167 is more realistic. Not because of the silicone material, but because of the size.



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  1. So if I understand correctly, the DS won because it’s taller than the WM. What would happen if you compared a DS 167 with a WM 165 or the new 161? Would the WM win? If height was the deciding factor thanks to increased realism, I think the comparison should have been done with dolls of similar height to be fairer.

    • Hi Massey
      It’s a good comment, but Jonn compared his two dolls! And i thin it’s a real good info to know that the height is really important when you make your choice. The doll could be as sexy as you want, if she has not the good height, it will be not so good…

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