Exclusive vid of Big breast body from Doll House 168

Doll House 168-Rin3.png

You know that i love the big breast body with huge boobs jiggling vids!

And currently there are some great bodies with different shapes to play with…

The two bodies Of Wm Dolls are  great success:  the beautiful 155cm with tight waist and the 165cm TPE Mega Huge Racks (110cm)

And Doll House 168 created RIN

Doll House 168rin3

I recently wrote an article about this factory: Doll House 168 factory interview in which you could find a video and some photos of this beautiful doll.

The specifications of Rin are similar to those of the WM Dolls 155cm Dolls:

  • Material:TPE – TPE
  • Height:158 cm (62,2″) – 155cm (61″)
  • Weight:28 kg (61,7 lbs) – 26kg (57.5 lbs)
  • Bust:84 cm (33″) – 83cm (32.7″)
  • Waist:43 cm (16,9″) – 40cm (15.7″)
  • Hips:78 cm (30,7″) – 71 cm (28″)

And Icing on the cake, Doll House 168 was kind enough to send me this new video exclusively for all followers of RealDollAddict.com (YESS, i changed the primary domain of my blog!)

Thanks a lot Doll House 168.



More Info at:


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